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    The Autograph Source works with the certified experts in each field that we sell in order to make insure that every piece we sell is authentic. Rather than relying solely on an authentication service, we rely on the opinion of the specific expert; the most knowledgeable authority on each particular piece. Through our years in the industry, we know who the specific experts are, and have had ongoing relationships with most of them for close to 20 years.

    We do not take risks on the pieces that we sell. The provenance of each piece is the most important thing. If the provenance is impeccable, then we move on to authentication of the piece or signature. If any part of the equation does not add up, we simply do not deal with the piece.

    Every piece we sell comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity from The Autograph Source. A Certificate Of Authenticity is only as good as the company that issues it. Our reputation is impeccable, and our letter means something. Buying from us is a no-risk proposition. Whenever possible, our pieces are also sold with an independent third-party Certificate of Authenticity. We make sure that your piece has the proper paperwork to protect your long-term investment.

    Please feel free to email us or call us for more information about the authenticity of our items. Different items are sourced in different ways, and we are always happy to discuss this topic. It is the most important facet of our business.