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> David Ben-Gurion Signed Letter: 8-21-1956

David Ben-Gurion Signed Letter: 8-21-1956
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David Ben-Gurion Signed Letter: 8-21-1956


A one page typed letter, dated August 21, 1956, signed at the conclusion in black ink by David Ben-Gurion. The letter is on official letterhead stationery with an embossed Israel state seal (with "Bureau of the Defense Ministry" typed below the seal), written from Jerusalem to Professor Yechezkel Koifmann.

The letter reads in full:

Chambers of the Prime Minister

David Ben Gurion Jerusalem, Elul 14, 5716
August 21, 1956
To professor Yechezkel Koifmann Y"M [Jerusalem]/3735 C"D



I am not at all excited, since there are certainly some historians in the communities of the world who look askance at the uniqueness of Israel, and who try to prove, using questionable reporting, that the nation of Israel has not created anything new and is not original and has only inherited its spirit from others. These smart men do not try to explain why-- the "owners" of these theories have passed on from the world, and here the nation that is supposedly "copying," exists and has continued to be for thousands of years and has returned to its historic homeland.

With great respect,

David Ben Gurion
Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Zalman Aran
Minister of Education and Culture


David Ben-Gurion was an Israeli political leader who was responsible, more than any other leader, for molding modern Israel. He headed the provisional government during Israel's war of independence in 1948. He served as Israel's first Prime Minister (1948-53, and 1955-63). He sanctioned the attack on Egypt in 1956. By the time he retired from political life in 1970, he had come to symbolize the tenacity and determination of the young Jewish state.




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