Poster for the 2016 Bassnectar “UNLIMITED” CD, nicely signed in silver marker by Lorin Ashton, better known under his stage name Bassnectar. Ashton signed the poster with a circled star and the year “2016” (this is how he normally signs).

The poster, which has the same artwork as the CD and album cover, is four times the size of a CD, and was folded to fit inside of the CD. The album credits, song listing, etc. are on the reverse side of the poster.

Sold with a brand-new copy of the Unlimited CD.

Signed at an official private autograph session.
Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity from The Autograph Source (Lifetime Guarantee).


The theme of this album for me is exploring music as a sonic collage: the unlimited possibilities of creative ideas, the unlimited combinations and layers, the unlimited scope of imagination. I wanted to dive deep into my own artistic process as a detail-obsessed control freak, wading through the zillions of potential options in any given sonic moment of a song. Like a traveller who finds themselves at a crossroads, with a nearly-infinite amount of paths to take….but can only choose one path for that journey.

I decided to theme this mixture of music around celebrating the adventure of collage-art, merging ideas and inspiration through collaboration, teamwork, and letting your dreams & visions run wild. This process feels sacred to me, and I want to give thanks to all the artists and human beings I collaborate with (present, past & future), all the folks on the Bassnectar team who work so hard (it’s a huge family & a team effort), and all the amazing interactive community members for the contributions you all make.

May we spend our time being grateful for what we have, as opposed to being ungrateful for what we don’t have. Hopefully this will stretch out time a bit longer, and allow us to sink deeper into each precious moment as we venture into the unlimited… :) – Lorin Ashton