A one page letter, handwritten by Sigmund Freud, and signed at the conclusion by Freud. The letter is written on Freud’s personal “Prof. Dr. Freud” letterhead stationery.

In the letter, Freud references Upton Sinclair making a “Freudian slip”, to the amusement of Dr. Freud and his family!

The letter was written in German to a Dr. Jackson of Pasadena, California, and reads (translated) in full:

“Dear Dr. Jackson,

It was very nice of you to remind me of your very amicable visit almost two years ago. Though I don’t know, if you would pass the same judgment about me today. Time doesn’t stand still, and aging is dreadful. My Ladies, all three of them are doing well, are thanking you for your greetings. The story you told about Upton Sinclair has entertained very much. I hope that your health will remain satisfactory in the mild climate of California.


Sigmund Freud”

The letter, dated March 20, 1928 from Vienna, measures approximately 6″x9″.

Beautiful, museum-quality frame.

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Jackson had met Freud during a trip to Europe some two years prior, and remembered Freud very fondly. In his original letter to Freud, Jackson thanks him for his gracious hospitality upon meeting him, and then goes on to relate a story about Upton Sinclair and a contemporary, Floyd Dell, who were discussing Freudian theories. According to Jackson, “Dell seems to me to have gained a very fair appreciation of your work. The theme as he presented it had to do with an explanation along Freudian lines of the so-called Victorian influence on reticence concerning the topic of sex.”

Upton Sinclair then joined the conversation, as Jackson recalls:

“Sinclair wanted a more direct approach to the tenets of Socialism than Dell’s speech had made. Then came the slip of the tongue, which showed us where Sinclair stands. ‘While I agree with everything Freud has said’, then a merry laugh and pause, ‘Do you get that slip’ said Sinclair. Of course the names are similar Floyd and Freud, but it amused us to see that while he is not ready to admit it in the open, even Upton Sinclair is a Freudian at heart.”

A wonderful story about these two great thinkers of the early 20th Century!

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